Sunday, January 22, 2006


When the Time Stood Still

I woke up as my mobile phone functioning as a stand-in alarm clock gave the buzz. I must have snoozed it two times for when I was fully awake and looked at the wall clock on my way outside, it was 6:15 am. Just as I opened the door, ushering in the chill winter air, the sound of a bicycle braking to a stop in front of the gate and the newspaper guy flicking the morning papers on my doorstep greeted me. On an impulse, I decided to go up to the terrace. Just as I reached the first floor landing, the door facing me opened and the retired major stepped out. He was sporting a muffler and the turtleneck sweater I am so used to seeing. As he came near me, he tripped over the untied jogging shoes he was wearing. He muttered "Sorry" and "Morning" in the same breath and disappeared down the staircase.I reached the terrace on the second floor.

It was too cold to enjoy anything so I decided to get back downstairs. I thought I heard the sound of a bicycle braking to a stop just like a few minutes earlier but I wasnt sure.When I reached the first floor landing, out walked the retired major. In what was like an action replay of what happened a few minutes back, he tripped over the untied shoes and for the second time said "Sorry" and "Morning". I went inside my house and got the shock of my life when I saw the time. It was still showing 6:15 am and sure enough there was for the third time the sound of the bicycle braking to a stop and the the newspapers being dropped on my doorstep.

Sorry to spoil it but this did not happen to me, took inspiration from a film I watched called "Groundhog Day" to write this.

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