Sunday, February 08, 2009


Emotional Atyachar

Anurag Kashyap creates a archetypical character in Dev and then adds the right amount of graffiti minus candy floss to make him appealing, modern and original. Anurag creates a svelte charmer in Paro, moulding her character with just enough brazenness and free spirit and an uncurbed tongue.
Dev D clearly isn’t for the squeamish. Characters unflinchingly mouth the four letter word, there is drugs, sexual innuendos and fleeting reminiscences of the MMS scandal and the BMW hit and run. In an otherwise outstanding cast, Chanda played by Kalki Koechlin is Dev D’s weakest character and probably the film’s only blemish especially in the first half, before she metamorphoses to become its strong point in the second. The editing is top-notch, the background score superlative. Anurag executes his craft without any compromises and the end result is a radical Indian film defying the stereotypes. Here’s a screenplay that is taut and infused with sometimes subtle and sometimes on your face humor. Brilliant!

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