Sunday, October 02, 2005


A Year Up!

I am back after a short hibernation. I might pen the eventful happenings that led to the lull on another day.

It’s exactly a year back that I posted my first article on this site. I am glad that what started as a leisurely interest did not wane out immediately as it most often does. Since my first blog, I must have posted about 50 articles, some good, some mundane and some really bad but it gave me a chance to share my opinions and thoughts with a lot of freedom. Friends who read my posts tell me that what I write here is seldom dealing with anything serious which I agree to completely. I know that I can never venture into those subjects partly because I can never express these issues well with words and hence never do justice to the topics. Also, I have never considered myself to be a very serious person who is equipped to talk and debate on the innumerous concerns that surrounds us everyday.

There was never any pressure to post articles here at regular intervals although when I started out first there was the urge to update this site regularly. I guess that’s when the writing becomes forced and therefore can never convey what one has set out to in the first place so I never compel myself to blog. I can think of many plusses since I started blogging. I have made a lot of blog pals and in doing so also got a peak into their mindset and their opinions on many topics. I have also discovered that there are so many talented writers around and am amazed at their imagination especially when it comes to writing stories and poems. I hope I can meet my blog pals someday and in so doing they would no longer be my “blog” pals.

As it is with others, the one thing that makes me visit my site when I am not posting regularly is to see if any new comments have come up. It’s encouraging to receive good and critical comments from readers. I also observe that some of my good friends are masquerading in pseudonyms that I am unable to identify but am happy that they are commenting nevertheless. Of course, the only blemish is that the number of spam comments is also increasing which is a concern.

Enough of the narcissistic ramblings from my side. To sum up, blogging has been a good enough hobby that I hope will live long in my life.

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