Sunday, December 12, 2010


Bacon and eggs

Here goes another one, wow, not sure if I have ever posted twice on the same day.

Had bacon and eggs finally.Reading when I was younger, I remember the most sought after breakfast in novels was bacon and fried eggs. Must admit, it tastes better than I expected. More servings of the same expected before I return.


Saar Land

Here goes one in time to break one of those ephemeral silences.
I am now in Saarbrucken. Not sure, if its the Christmas round the corner but its been different than the sleepy towns in Germany I have stayed in before. The place is brimming with activity, brightening up the winter gloom. Yesterday, we made a 2.5 hour (cross country?) trip from Saarbrucken to Heidelberg. The five of us purchased multiple tickets not knowing that one 37 Euro ticket served as a weekend pass for all five of us to travel basically to any part of the country by train. Excellent! Serves us right for not knowing the native tongue in Deutschland.

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